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About Us

Educational Development Network (EDN) is providing quality education to its students through various schools and colleges across Pakistan including teachers’ training. EDN is also running Lahore Facilitation Center of Asia e University (AeU), Malaysia. We are focused towards strengthening the middle class of Pakistan through quality education equipping our students to compete and perform in local and international markets.

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Asia-e-University Malaysia

EDN is an official partner of Asia-e-University, Malaysia and is running the Lahore Facilitation Center successfully. The university offers Bachelors, Masters and PhD programmes through online learning system and students can get the on-campus education as well.

You can submit an online inquiry form in our AeU App that will receive to our Lahore Facilitation Center Administration and ask whatever you want from us. After Submitting inquiry we will call you shortly and will tell you about everything you want to know about AeU.

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Projects by  EDN

Educational Development Network (EDN) is running multiple educational projects.EDN aspires to provide quality education through modern and well-designed curriculum, to contribute towards nations’ readiness to meet future challenges. For this purpose, we are running following projects.

  • Allied Schools
  • The Spirit Schools
  • The Lahore Lyceum Schools
  • The Lahore Lycetuff Schools
  • American Lycetuff Schools
  • Aspire Schools
  • Resource Academia College
  • EDN Tech 360° Solutions
  • AeU Lahore Facilitation University
  • EDN Foundation
  • EDN International